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How can I empower you?

If you have questions about your child's education and need support in understanding your child's IEP or 504 plan, I give practical, culturally competent, and effective input to help support your child. The special education process can be overwhelming, frustrating, and difficult to understand, and I am here to support you! Knowledge is power and it is important to learn more about your child’s unique needs.  Parent advocacy, training, and consultations are geared towards arming parents with knowledge and tools to help support the academic needs, mental health, and wellness of their children. You are not alone in connecting the dots to your child's education.

"If you want it fast, do it alone, if you want to go far, go together"


Guide parents through IEP / 504 plan process

Review of  current 504/IEP's with recommendations

Parent training (IEP / 504 basics)

Referrals/recommendations to community resources when appropriate.

Advising parents about the strength of their cases before review and offering referrals to special education attorneys when appropriate.

Helping parents interpret reports and evaluations, as well as explaining their implications.

Drafting requests, responses, and complaints to schools

Assisting parents with submitting written requests

Preparing parents for IEP and 504 meetings 

Checking special education documents for accuracy and completion both before and after IEP and 504 meetings

Accompanying parents to IEP and 504 meetings to offer advice and assistance

Helping parents understand what special education eligibilities mean, including SLD, OHI/ADHD, Autism, ED


A note from the owner

I am well versed in special education laws and understand the ins and outs of the special education process. Having worked with both schools and with parents, I understand how teamwork and collaboration amongst stakeholders are extremely important to a child's success. 

Tanisha Tatum, MS., PPS

Learn more about the special education process:

Frequently Asked Questions 

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